Universidade do Oeste Paulista

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Founded in 1972 in Presidente Prudente, São Paulo, Brazil, the University has two campuses and the Experimental Farm in Presidente Prudente nowadays, offers 5 college programs, 54 official undergraduate degree programs, more than 100 official graduate diploma/certificate and degree programs, 4 master programs, 2 PhD programs, online and distance education courses (a.k.a EAD Unoeste).

During the 2015 academic year, more than 700 faculty members have been working at the University, teaching about 19.000 students in its undergraduate and Master programs and other programs and about 2.000 professionals involved in administration and general services.

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All of our courses in every of our programs are taught in Portuguese idiom.

Contact Information
For further information and answers to all your questions, we invite you to contact us at contact@unoeste.br.

700 José Bongiovani St. - Presidente Prudente SP / 19050-920
Tel: (+55) 18 32291000 - 0800 771 55 33 - contact@unoeste.br