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The University of Western São Paulo has promoted initiatives for the better development and performance of its academic members and professionals graduated from its programs. In order to achieve this goal, the Inter Institutional Relations Advisory has established contacts, shouldered ways for the better understanding between the people and disseminated information through its academic community, which represents a significant differential in the competitive market. We do believe that the strengthening of relations with recognized Institutions, appropriate technical training, national / international experiences, and fluency in different languages are important requirements for the excellence in the professional life.

Inter Institutional Relations:

  • National Cooperation Agreements
  • International Cooperation Agreements
  • Fellowships / Scholarships
  • Summer and Winter Courses
  • Training Courses / Internships
  • Language Courses
  • Prizes in Brazil
  • Prizes Outside Brazil
  • Financial Aid Opportunities
  • Agenda
  • Useful Links
  • Request of Information - Form
  • Agreement Forms
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